• Ideas come to life

    What you can do

    Cuties for cuties

    Hand out a yummy cutie orange to cuties that you see around you!

    Finals week Care package

    Tie up some candy, bubble wrap, and a nice note to help with stress relief :)

    Reverse Graffiti

    Decorate a wall, school lockers, or pass on compliments on colorful sticky notes!

  • What We Do

    As students, we face stress, anxiety, drama, and negativity from time to time. The Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) Club strives to make school a little more pleasant by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities, and projectsbecause it's the little things in life that make a difference.

    What We Do

    Classic ARKtivities

    "ARK Loves You" posters for victims of bullying

    Kindness Scavenger Hunt

    Compliment Clothespins

    Sticky Note Compliments

    Free Grams during Holidays

    Thank You Letters

    Finals Week Care Packages

    "Cuties for Cuties" Campaign

    "ARK-ster Pun-nies" (Scattered easter eggs around campus)

    "Give One, Take One"

    "Pop Me"(Balloons with notes inside)

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