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Holiday Care Parkages 2019

HCP 2019

It's the beginning of winter break, and you can see the outline of your breath in the cold air. In the midst of the chilly weather, the warmest place to be is the Martin Luther King Library in downtown San Jose. There, passionate ARKers have begun their annual mission: assemble care packages to deliver to the local homeless population. In groups of two, they each grab a bag, clothing, nonperishable food, water, hygiene products, first aid kits, and blankets. To top it off, they write a little, kind note for the recipient.

As each group begins to scatter around the city, the chatter of new friendships traverses across downtown San Jose. The genuine intentions of ARKers are met with smiles and appreciation. Some ARKers find a familiar face from the previous year, coming together for the same mission and passion once again.

Ending the year with an act of random kindness is an irreplaceable experience. Thank you to those who came, those who donated, those who volunteered, and those who organized the event (shoutout to the lovely 2019 ARK Council). I hope Holiday Care PARKages can continue to grow for years to come.

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