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Holiday Care Parkages

Tis' the season to spread some kindness

Wind blowing through your hair, you shiver, pulling your North Face jacket zipper a little closer to your chin. You walk down the street, dodging the puddles because you vowed yourself not to dirty your new shoes for at least another week. It starts to rain. Quickly, you pull your backpack over your head and find shelter underneath the nearest thing: a tree. It's cold. You warm your hands by breathing on them and look around, seeking a place that can keep you warm until the rain stops. All the stores are closed. It starts to rain harder.

Just then, you notice someone huddled in between the columns of the residential houses, his head in between his knees. You see his shoes, soaked and muddy, lying next to him, his feet tucked under the tattered jacket he was using as a blanket. He moves. You look away, avoiding eye contact with him, yet you feel an urge to talk to him but you don't know how to start. Wait. You remember the uneaten sandwich you packed for your visit to the library earlier that morning. You shuffle through your backpack and fish it out in between your calculus and chemistry notebooks. Taking a deep breath, wiping the rain from your forehead, you walk towards him, ignoring the rain water that splashed onto your shoes. He looks up. Notices the sandwich in your hand. Looks back down. Dejected, you want to walk away, but something stops you. You then make a decision that will stick with you for the rest of your life: you sit down next to him. Hand him the sandwich. And start a conversation.
It’s finally that time of year again--Holiday Season!!! Start the season with ARK club this year in Downtown San Jose helping those in need with some old and new friends!
Holiday Care pARKages is an annual event hosted by Acts of Random Kindness Club during the holiday season to give to those in need in Downtown San Jose. Over 200 ARKers come together every year to create care packages and distribute them for those in need. You are able to create a big impact through small acts of giving! Come join us this year on December 16 to help us make someone else's day a little bit jollier!
WHO: You!! Everyone is welcome, ARKer or not. Sign up with the google form below!
WHERE: Martin Luther King Jr. Library and Downtown San Jose
WHEN: Saturday, December 16 @ 9:45-2:30
WHAT: Packing and Distributing holiday care pARKages and a GREAT time!!
Come to bond with fellow ARKers from other schools while doing good in our community. You do not have to be an ARK member to come!
spARK a change, make a mARK on someone's day, and bond with other ARK members across the Bay Area. Hope to see you there!

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