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EmbARK to the PARK 2020

ARK hosted its first virtual event on the year and got to know this year's amazing ARKers!

EmbARK to the PARK 2020

On Saturday, September 5, NorCal ARK Council hosted its first ARK event of the year: EmbARK to the PARK 2020! ARKers came together to meet their new ARK Council and get to know other club members from across the ARK community through fun activities. The event was hosted virtually, but we were still able to bond through games such as and Scattergories. Though we’re beginning this school year remotely, EmbARK to the PARK and other upcoming ARK events allow us to create the supportive, welcoming, and compassionate community that makes ARK what it is. Thank you to everyone who joined us at EmbARK this year — it was amazing to meet you all, and we can’t wait to spread kindness with you this year! Our next upcoming event is ARK Sunrise, at 2:00 PM on Saturday, September 20, and we’re excited to see you there!

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