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EmbARK to the pARK 2019

August is a month of transition: when students are adapting to the slow recession of the summer heat and perhaps avoiding the impending doom following not-yet-read summer reading. To accompany this tide of change, ARK's annual EmbARK to the pARK allows students to meet others who share the unchanging goal of spreading kindness. While drinking Caprisun and munching on some sushi, ARKers can meet peers who will accompany them on this journey of kindness throughout the year.

During this event, I helped to take photos-- a task that helped me to remember the faces and the smiles of everyone there. Staring back on the photos I took, I remember my own smile as I peeked through my camera lens, witnessing the bonds formed during the telephone charades game and the friendly water balloon fight.

After EmbARK to the Park, ARK Council ended up with streaks of white whipping cream, framing our faces that were just as red as our baseball tees. Perhaps we got burnt by the radiant smiles of those around us-- ARKers willing to reach out, support the mission ARK, and pie Kristina almost 35 times (of course very gently).

Thank you so much to everyone who came, contributed, and had fun!

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