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    Kristina Nguyen

    Silver Creek High School


    I’ll be this year's CO-Coordinator with Amy Do. I have been in Acts of Random Kindness club (ARK) since my sophomore year. ARK has been a major impact in my high school journey. This club has allowed me to spread kindness and positivity around my school’s campus. I have met many new friends who have the same goal to spread positivity through my ARK events. As Coordinator, I hope I can spread our message of positivity to infinity and beyond.


    Fun fact: I’m lactose intolerant but I love drinking milk tea.

    Amy Do

    Oak Grove High School


    ARK Club has always been the cutest and most impactful club to me from that small kindness post it notes to feeding the stomachs of those that are hungry! This club has always found a way to move me and push me to move others as well. ARK has also always been a place I can come home to, knowing people have my back and the same goals as me! With that, I am glad to say I will be part of the ARK Council, serving as an Event Coordinator!


    Fun fact: On my free time, I like to visit PetCo to watch the turtles swim and the guinea pigs sleep!!!

    Nancy Loi

    Evergreen Valley High School


    ARK has aways been a part of my high school journey, from freshman to senior year, from being a board member to being president, and I can’t wait to see what ARK will bring to me in the future. ARK isn’t just any ordinary club, it’s a family-- a home where I can be myself and have the best people surround me with nothing but love and support. With that being said, I’m proud to be serving as your secretary this year! As a part of your council, I hope that I will be able to continue to make the impact that ARK has been making on your lives <33


    Fun fact: some things that I love include EXO, GOT7, and doggos!

    Christy Mei

    Independence High School


    Out of all the clubs on campus, ARK stood out to me since its goal was to spread kindness and positivity from the bottom of our hearts without receiving any community service hours in return, which is something that is pretty uncommon. Over the past two years, ARK allowed me to engage with my community and create a lasting impact. I’ve also made countless memories and friends in ARK by attending various events. ARK motivates me to continue doing good deeds regardless of what may happen in my life. As Treasurer, I will encourage more people to help everyone in their community, continue to bring ARK to greater heights, and allow more people to engage with ARK’s mission.


    Fun fact: I love drinking milk tea with 0% sugar :))

    Becky Tran

    Evergreen Valley High School

    Digital Media Chair

    I joined ARK club because I was genuinely inspired by the activities associated with ARK during my freshman year. It stood out the most to me because in today’s time and world, a little kindness goes a long way. I believe that making an impact and change is important, and ARK allowed me to see how much my own actions and others’ can change the world around us. The club means a lot to me because I got a chance to watch people around me grow while changing the community. Part of spreading kindness is seeing how much you can touch the hearts of others, but more importantly, inspiring others to also want to make impact on the world. As Digital Media Chair, I’m beyond excited to motivate others to turn kindness into something bigger.


    Fun fact: I love writing poetry, and I can write a poem under 5 minutes on the spot! (Just ask me). I also love film and photography and hope to be able to use my art to give back to the community!

    Angela Le

    Piedmont Hills High School

    Visual Media Chair

    ARK stood out to me among the clubs on my campus not only because of its bright red tees, but also because of its goals and motives as a club, which was to spread kindness and positivity out of the goodness inside of you rather than getting credited with the number of service hours. In my two years of being in ARK, I’ve quickly learned how even the smallest acts of kindness can bring a smile to someone’s face or even make their day. As Visual Media Chair and Council Member, I hope to bring out the good in every ARKer and encourage the youth to create a lasting impact on the community! ٩( 'ω' )و


    Fun fact: I have aichmophobia and get scared super easily, but still love watching horror and thriller films.

    Emily Lin

    American High School


    I was first drawn to ARK through a free hugs event at our school, and ARK has given me so many more reasons to smile as the years have gone by. Through ARK, I have found that positivity can make an undeniable impact on the community and create lasting relationships based on shared values. As Editor, I hope more people can feel the warmth that I feel through ARK events, so let’s change our community together one act of random kindness at a time!


    Fun fact: I like my eggs sunny side up ( ノ ゚ー゚)ノ☀️

  • FOunders

    Sabrina Ma


    Sabrina is a life enthusiast who has crusaded for kindness in both Silicon Valley and Singapore. Having experienced the day-to-day struggles of high school, she created ARK Club in August 2011 in an attempt to lift her and her peers' spirits. While she finds joy in hip hop, milk tea, and new cuisines, Sabrina aspires to be a globally impactful business leader who radiates compassion in all her endeavors.

    Hannah Pham


    Hannah grew up by the serene mountains in Vancouver, Canada and currently resides in Westwood, California. Emulating those who inspired her to become the person she is today, Hannah strives to be a beacon of light to her peers during the rough patches in life. In her free time, you can find her doodling in Adobe Illustrator, writing to-do lists she never completes, or binge-eating large bags of Hot Cheetos.


    2018-2019's ARK Council


    Darlene Mac & Savanna Vu


    Isabelle Navarro


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    Bryan Nguyen

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    Harrison Dang


    Eliza Luo

    2017-2018's ARK Council


    Lily Li & Sally Nguyen


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    Maerisa Lazo & Mindy Quach

    2016-2017's ARK Council


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    Zeralene Yet


    Aaron Lee & Ellen Nguyen

    2015-2016's ARK Council


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