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    On December 17, 2016, ARK members across the Bay Area packaged and distributed care packages to the homeless in Downtown San Jose.


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    We high school students face stress, anxiety, drama, and negativity from time to time. The Acts of Random Kindness Club strives to make high school a little more pleasant by conducting uplifting campaigns, activities, and projects, because it's the little things in life that make a difference.

    Examples of past "ARK-tivities"

    "ARK Loves You" posters for victims of bullying

    Kindness Scavenger Hunt

    “The Clothespin Game” (pinning compliment-laden clothespins on students)

    "Reverse Graffiti" (sticky note compliments)

    Left food/money ("Lunch's on me!") in vending machines

    Distributed free Thanksgiving and Halloween grams

    Thank You Letters for janitors and faculty

    Finals Week Care Packages

    "Cuties for Cuties" Campaign (distributed tangerines)

    "ARK-ster Pun-nies" (Scattered easter eggs around campus)

    Baked cupcakes for ASB Officers

    "Give a Cookie, Get a Cookie"


    ...and many more!

  • ARK is honored to have starred in a documentary sponsored by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation. The video illustrates ARK's history, mission, and activities, peppered with scenes from our Kindness Flash Mob.


    We recently directed a short film entitled "The Little Things." 

    Find more videos on our YouTube page!


    Sally Nugyen


    The idea of being selfless and giving has always appealed to me. Even when things got rough, I wanted to be someone who brought light into another person’s life. I love the idea of helping others, making people smile, and possibly impacting another person’s life in both the smallest and largest ways. Joining ARK gave me the chance to do all these things and more. Being a part of ARK has given me the incredible opportunity to meet so many great people and gain a variety of unforgettable experiences. For this upcoming year, I am incredibly grateful to be working with Lily Li as your ARK coordinators. So as your friend, possible new friend, and coordinator, I can’t wait for us to spARK more light in the world.

    Lily Li


    As a child, my dream has always been to change the world. And ever since I joined ARK three years ago, I’ve been able to scratch the surface of my dream by bring kind and bringing smiles, laughter, and surprise to others, by giving people hope and motivation to preserve, and by starting snowball effects of kindness. With ARK, I can make a difference in someone’s day and it costs me nothing at all. This year, I am so honored to serve as co-coordinator alongside Sally Nguyen and hopefully change the world! After all, “its the little things that count”.

    Jayne Nyam


    "If you would take, you must first learn to give, the is the beginning of intelligence." -Lao Tzu Throughout my entire life, I've always given love, respect, and trust to whoever I just met and nothing in return, but a big smile on their faces. I've always loved reaching out to the community, helping others that are needed, and giving kindness, those are the moments when I'm the happiest person on earth. ARK has given me the opportunity to do those things and I'm forever grateful and thankful. It has given me such a big impact in my life that I am always willing to share my stories to another. I love what I do and I will make every second bit of it count! As your 2017-2018 Secretary, I'm deeply honored to work alongside with brilliant minds and talented individuals and help to better the community and grow as an individual while inspiring others!

    Kayli Jiang


    The act of being kind has always been a part of my life, and it’s something that I value as I go about my daily life. Inevitably, when I walk down the streets in my hometown, someone I walk past will be going through a tough time, but if I can lessen that hardship, I should. A simple, friendly smile goes a long way, so I’ve always tried to give what I can to others. Ultimately, my beliefs all go back to the idea that we should all look out for each other. We should all make our lives that much more beautiful, which is something that I love that ARK promotes. ARK continues to be such an inspiration for me to open my heart and see good in everyone, and I am so thankful that it is a part of my life. For the 2017-2018 year, I’m incredibly excited to be your ARK Council Treasurer. I look forward to working with each and every one of you to make ARK even better than it already is!

    Maerisa Lazo


    ARK has impacted my life in so many ways. It has introduced me to new friendships, experiences, and memories. Ever since I joined ARK freshman year, I noticed that I have incorporated kindness in my daily lifestyle. Most of the time, I find myself holding doors for people at school, bringing food for my friends, complimenting strangers in the halls, being more mindful to the people around me and so much more. My love for this club has only grown over these past years and I can’t wait to share my love for kindness with everyone. ARK has engraved the saying “it’s the little things that count” in my heARK. As your 2017-2018 co-media coordinator, I cannot wait to work with my fellow council members and other ARK clubs to engrave that saying in other people’s heARKs too.

    Mindy Quach


    Being part of ARK the past few years has showed me how to incorporate little things to make someone else's day worth it. I love seeing people smile because of someone else's kind actions. No matter how small or big a selfless action is could make a person's day. Not only has ARK taught me to become more selfless but it had helped me create life-long friendships, opportunities, and memories! My love for ARK has grown throughout the years and will continue to grow with this next term! I am thrilled to be working along side Mae as your Co-Media Chair and can not wait to see what is in store for this year!!!

    Sabrina Ma


    Sabrina is a life enthusiast who has crusaded for kindness in both Silicon Valley and Singapore. Having experienced the day-to-day struggles of high school, she created ARK Club in August 2011 in an attempt to lift her and her peers' spirits. While she finds joy in hip hop, milk tea, and new cuisines, Sabrina aspires to be a globally impactful business leader who radiates compassion in all her endeavors.

    Hannah Pham


    Hannah grew up by the serene mountains in Vancouver, Canada and currently resides in Westwood, California. Emulating those who inspired her to become the person she is today, Hannah strives to be a beacon of light to her peers during the rough patches in life. In her free time, you can find her doodling in Adobe Illustrator, writing to-do lists she never completes, or binge-eating large bags of Hot Cheetos.


    Beginning at Independence High School, ARK is now a sprawling movement blossoming at over 100 high schools and counting across and beyond California. It has recently spread overseas to South Africa and the Philippines.



    Alameda High (Alameda, CA)

    Amador Valley High School (Pleasanton, CA)

    American High (Fremont, CA)

    American Indian Public Charter High School (Oakland ,CA)

    Andrew P. Hill High (San Jose, CA)

    Ann Sobrato High (Morgan Hill, CA)

    Arcadia High (Arcadia, CA)

    Archbishop Mitty (San Jose, CA)

    BASIS Independent Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA)

    California High (San Ramon, CA)

    California Crosspoint High School (Alameda, CA)

    Capuchino High School (San Bruno, CA)

    Campolindo High (Moraga, CA)

    Castro Valley High School (Castro Valley, CA)

    Center High (Antelope, CA)

    Dinuba High School (Dinuba, CA)

    Dougherty Valley High (San Ramon, CA)

    Durham High (Durham, CA)

    El Cerrito High (El Cerrito, CA)

    Evergreen Valley High (San Jose, CA)

    Foothill High School (Bakersfield, CA)

    Foothill High School (Pleasanton, CA)

    Fountain Valley High (Fountain Valley, CA)

    Fremont Christian School (Fremont, CA)

    Fremont High School (Sunnyvale, CA)

    Georgina P. Blach Intermediate (Los Altos, CA)

    Gonzales High School (Gonzales, CA)

    Gunderson High School (San Jose, CA)

    Gunn High (Palo Alto, CA)

    Hayward High (Hayward, CA)

    Independence High (San Jose, CA)

    Irvington High (Fremont, CA)

    James Logan High School (Union City, CA)

    John C. Kimball High (Tracy, CA)

    John F. Kennedy High (Fremont, CA)

    John Marshall Senior High School (Los Angeles, CA)

    Kingsburg High School (Kingsburg, CA)

    KIPP King Collegiate Charter School (San Lorenzo, CA)

    KIPP San Jose Collegiate Charter School (San Jose, CA)

    Leadership Public Schools- Hayward (Hayward, CA)

    Leigh High (San Jose, CA)

    Leland High (San Jose, CA)

    Lynbrook High (San Jose, CA)

    Mark Keppel High (Alhambra, CA)

    Marina High School (Marina, CA)

    Menlo-Atherton High (Atherton, CA)

    Mills High (Millbrae, CA)

    Milpitas High (Milpitas, CA)

    Mira Mesa High (San Diego, CA)

    Miramonte High (Orinda, CA)

    Mission San Jose High School (Fremont, CA)

    Moreau Catholic High School (Hayward, CA)

    Mount Eden High (Hayward, CA)

    Mt. Pleasant High (San Jose, CA)

    Mountain View High (Mountain View, CA)

    Notre Dame High School (San Jose, CA)

    Oak Grove High (San Jose, CA)

    Pacific Grove High School (Pacific Grove, CA)

    Palo Alto High (Palo Alto, CA)

    Piedmont Hills High (San Jose, CA)

    Quarry Lane High (Dublin, CA)

    Redwood Middle School (Saratoga, CA)

    Richard Gahr High (Cerritos, CA)

    Rio Vista High (Rio Vista, CA)

    San Mateo High (San Mateo, CA)

    San Leandro High (San Leandro, CA)

    Santa Clara High (Santa Clara, CA)

    Santa Teresa High (San Jose, CA)

    Saratoga High (Saratoga, CA)

    Segerstrom High School (Orange County, CA)

    Silver Creek High (San Jose, CA)

    St. Joseph Notre Dame High School (Alameda, CA)

    Summit San Jose Tahoma (San Jose, CA)

    The Kings Academy (Sunnyvale, CA)

    Tracy High School (Tracy, CA)

    University Preparatory Academy (San Jose, CA)

    Valley Christian High (San Jose, CA)

    Washington High (Fremont, CA)

    Westminster High (Westminster, CA)

    Wilcox High (Santa Clara, CA)

    Willow Glen High (San Jose, CA)

    Yerba Buena High (San Jose, CA)

    Yuba City High (Yuba City, CA)

    Yucaipa High (Yucaipa, CA)


    Gaither High School (Tampa, FL)

    Gulf Coast High School (Naples, FL)


    John Jay High (Cross River, NY)

    RIT (Rochester, NY)

    St. John's University (Queens, NY)

    Brooklyn College CUNY (Brooklyn, NY)


    Paul VI High (Haddonfield, NJ)


    Rosemount High School (Rosemount, MN)


    Stonewall Jackson High School (Manassas, VA)

    Battlefield High School (Gainesville, VA)


    JP McCaskey High School (Lancaster, PA)

    Montour High School (Mckees Rocks, PA)


    PAREF Woodrose School, Inc. (Muntinlupa City, NCR)


    Mount Desert Island High (Bay Harbor, MA)


    Jefferson High (Jefferson, WI)

    Project Stay (Milwuakee, WI)


    La Pine High School (La Pine, OR)


    Parkhurst Primary School (Cape Town, South Africa)


    KIPP Nashville Collegiate High School (Nashville, TN)

    Westwood High School (Memphis, TN)


    Mary Baldwin College (Staunton, VA)


    Sandpoint High School (Sandpoint, ID)


    Waimea High School (Waimea, HI)


    "Remember there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end." 



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